About Us



Mr. Raghuraj Deshpande (Founder Director – Technical)

He is the founder member of PDM and started this company in 1982. After completing his double diploma in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering he serviced in Technical field for companies like Mather & Platt and Swastic Rubber for almost 12 years. He was a brain child behind developing our range of gear cutting tools and even after 30 years he continues to do the same whenever there are challenges to develop any new products.

Mr Ashish Deshpande (Director – Commercial)

He has a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pune. At a young age, he pioneered the evolution of PDM Engineering Pvt Ltd from a small enterprise to a medium scale, process oriented manufacturing unit. He is mainly responsible for developing the export market of PDM and the new strategies in marketing which achieved growth of more than 40% per annum in local customer base for last 6 years.

Mr Akshay Deshpande (Director – Operations)

He is the youngest Director in PDM and is mainly responsible for Production, Planning and Control. After completing graduation in Computer Engineering, he gained experience in project management for 2 years. He brought in complete new method of planning & tracking the production and hence could achieve almost 35 percent growth in production rate. Moreover it has also contributed in overcoming the challenges in achieving consistent production targets with diversified product range.

Production Team (60 Nos)

This team comprises of 2 Senior engineers, 3 Production Supervisors and 55 workers.

Quality Control Team (4 Nos)

This team consists of QC Manager followed by 1 Senior and 2 Junior Inspectors.

Marketing Team (3 Nos)

Marketing Manager backed by 2 assistants.

Services Team (3 Nos)

Senior Supervisor and 2 Junior Engineers.

Accounts & Stores (3 Nos)


Group Companies

Surefire Die- Casting Technologies Pvt Ltd

Surefire Die- Casting Technologies Pvt Ltd

This company has been recently registered and is started with an intention to provide high quality fully machined aluminium castings mainly for automotive and motor cycle industry. The facility will comprise of high pressure die casting machines and VMCs and HMCs for machining. The plant will be commissioned till 31st Jan 2012.


Dimensions Engineering Technologies Pvt Ltd

Dimensions Engineering Technologies Pvt Ltd

Dimensions is a leading company in field of material handling and automation. It has in house facility of Designing, Manufacturing , Assembling and Commissioning its products. It is currently serving all Automotive, Consumer Goods, Home Appliances and Engineering goods markets.

Participation in Events

Gear China 2006 – Shanghai China

Gear Expo 2007 – Detroit USA